Your favorite setup ever, past or present!


I thought it would be cool to see everyone’s favorite setups they’ve ever had! Doesn’t matter if it’s a current one, or one from the past! Post them here, and let’s see what you have/had!!!


I’ll start with this bad boy… a custom painted 35mm Stoop “Bluevis”!!! It’s the longest lasting deck I’ve ever had… so its my favorite past AND present!
It has outlasted a set of BRTs. Just put these new X5s on it not too long ago.
I think the School Desk Plies make it invincible. Lol

First when it was freshy-mcfresh.

And the way it sits now


This is my favorite setup. I got this beauty from Timo Lieben. It’s the arm of the „Love Me“ series with Blackriver skulls in x wide low. The black Blackriver Trucks and Joycult swirls fit perfectly.


Such a nice setup! How does it feel? I’ve always wanted to try BW wide low shape. I have one on the way from EBay. Lol can’t wait to try it!