Wush Decks


Greetings FFI,

My name is Jamie and I run Wush from out of the UK. I’ve been making decks for around a year now and operate Wush as my full-time job.

I have a passion for skateboarding, art and crafting things. Safe to say I fell in love with making fingerboards as soon as I got started.

I will update this thread with more information about Wush in general and stock updates. For now catch Wush over on instagram @wushdecks

Wushdecks Website

Cheers all, look forward to browsing FFi and seeing what everyone is up to! :beers:



NIce to see you here jamie! :call_me_hand:t2:
Already had the pleasure to check one of your decks out, even a blem deck was still nice :+1:t2:
Keep up the good work!


Had my fingers on one Wush allready. Read the review right over here: http://www.fingerboardtv.de/2018/product-blog-wush-decks-camo-split/


Bro, so good to see you here. Wush decks are the buisness!!! I have one set up as my daily and 4 others in reserve. The craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail are like no other. Keep up the good work Jamie


<3 didnt like mine at first but coming back more and more often now


Dayummm these look sexy mate :grin:
Glad to see youre from the UK too, reppin. What part you from?
As for the decks, may have to try one very very soon…


Cheers dude! I’m from Bristol, how about yourself?


Big Wush fan here, but you know that Jamie. Glad to see youre on here. Keep up the amazing work dude.


Nicee, manchester/london
Will hit you up if ever in bristol bruh


Big Wush fan! I’d recommend them to anyone and everyone!


Cheers Simon!

There will be a small stock tomorrow 8pm GMT @ http://wush.bigcartel.com



nice to see some UK lads on here, decks look lush.

May have to try one for myself.