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- ReUpload from FingerboardTV - Written and Photographed by @Onkel_Urban -

Hey folks, it’s ya boy Onkel Urban back at it again with another review. While the „Brazilian Squad“ was visiting the Blackriverstore in Berlin, Lucas Bellaguarda hit me up with a gift from Brasil. He brought me a WoW Fingerboard.

Gui the owner of WoW Fingerboards took advantage and gave Lucas the deck, to give it to me. I’m very Thankful for that! Obrigado Gui and Lucas!

So what I got is a deck with the „Wow Deck Tag Black“ graphic and the „Deep x Wide“ shape. The deck is 33.5mm wide and 98mm long. I would call it a medium concave and medium kicks.

The nose is karger than the tail, so it has the typical shape of a Fingerboard. The Deck has 5 plies which are made from maplewood, and also the shape is CNC machined. The graphic is not heat transferred or an offset print, I guess it is some foil with a good clear coat.

I would enjoy a heat transfer graphic because I think its more realistic but this way is okay as well.

The craftsmanship is very good, no glue spots, the clear coat is regular, the drilling wholes are sweet and the countersinks do their job (not too deep or any big splits around it).

The deck itself is pressed in an excellent way. The sanding and the clear coat finish could be a bit better. I like the heat-stamp on the top ply which makes the deck always recognizable.

The packaging is on fire. A CrystalClear Box with stickers, tape and a fixed view on the deck also some information about the brand and the deck. That’s what I mean by proper packaging.

Craftmanship: 8 /10
Design & Graphic: 7 /10
Packaging: 10 /10
Shape: 8 /10

WoW Decks is really playing their cards, solid result for the review, I think. I totally recommend grabbing one of those if you have the chance.

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Hope you enjoyed this review and thank you guys for reading!
Cheers guys,
Onkel Urban.

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Thanks for this review and your time Onkel! =)
Enjoy! Best regards bro!!