Wooden Boardrails


Found inspiration for this project here in the forum THX for that! :slight_smile:
Wooden Boardrails


Work in progress:


Those are sick!


those natural ones are too sick!


Really dig these! I like the look of 3 holes instead of 4


Very nice bro!


THX a lot, everyone! :slight_smile:


So much fun painting these :slight_smile: (still need a finish):


The painted ones are too cool :ok_hand:t3::ok_hand:t3: Graphic boardrails should be the new thing


Thx! :slightly_smiling_face:
I am totally prepared, if this should be the case :sunglasses::wink:


Those look epic :heart_eyes:


THX a lot!



They do look awesome.
I know Kevin from Riot Fingerboards used to do them as well.
Honestly yours looking way better :stuck_out_tongue:
No hate <3


thx! :blush:
Never saw those from Kevin, who is a good guy, no matter how his rails looked :wink: . Come to think of it, i didn´t see much of him at all, lately :thinking:


Some railsare up in my webstore! :grinning:





put some patience in perfecting holes :slightly_smiling_face:


Which screws are you using?
Because the tinyones are a Pain in the ass.
Dynamic Boardrails Screws are awesome, they got a good size :slight_smile:


Perfect screws of couse :yum:

one by three mm , perfect size for a good connection to the wood. Of course i cannot say, that they are not tiny :sunglasses:


Swordrails :sunglasses:


Those swordrails are insane