Who makes the greatest fingerboard in the whole world?


We at Tableskate, Inc. wanted to know who in 2021 thinks they make the best fingerboards in the whole world…


Before you say “you’re over hyping them” I Actually had one
Woob deck I believe it was cozy concave 34 mm
Black river 32’s (this setup was built right before 34’s)
Joycult wheels are great for some setups but not always a woob
I Used Laughing skull dimensions
I had Chems tape at the time
I think I was running stock bushings in the BRT’s but I changed the pivot cups to some kushings i shoved in the slot
This was by far the best setup I have ever used if you can afford it and are willing to wait for a woob
the woob deck I got used in a trade I think the homie zoo krew still has the woob might have to buy it back one day


tableskate, you follow no fingerboards on your IG account. if you want to learn about fingerboarding get involved in the scene instead of asking some marketing bullshit.

@WaybackOG woob and joycult are overhyped bullshit. joycults actually fucking suck and Matt is the biggest loser ever.