White Blackriver bushings review


First of all @ $7-8 USD (depending on if you get them from Blackriver or FlatFace) They are a slightly pricier than othr bushings like witchcrafts, teaks, level ups, Star Hooks etc… but in my opinion they are worth it.

They are harder/tighter than the orange ones that come with that come stock on Blackriver trucks (which I feel are just on the edge of feeling floppy loose but do start to feel floppy when they get warn in.)

As soon as you take them out of the package before you even install them you might think they are super hard and compared to most bushings and I guess they are. However I find that they best way to set them up is once you get a new set put in to just tighten the nut slowly until just start to feel resistance. then stop. You’ll get get a truck that feels loose but it’s stable, not floppy like with a lot of softer bushings. Plus like a fine wine, they only get better with age.

If you want to know exactly how tight they’ll make your trucks, just take your main set up and do a front cook stall with the same amount of pressure that you’d have when actually doing the trick. Then look at how much the hanger turns and how close the wheel is from touching the deck. Then you can compare your findings with the pictures below of myself doing the same with the white Black Rivers.

So, who are these for? Someone who wants their trucks to feel stable without feeling tight should get these ASAP but if you like your trucks loose enough to where you can wheel bite from putting minimal pressure on the deck then stay away.

PS. No I never use washers on my trucks haha.


Great review bro.


i have the same deck