Where's my Portland love at?


All you lurkers, come out of your hipster hideouts and be a part of the community!

Where all the #pdxfingers at?


Me! I live downtown


Do you know of any good outdoor spots? We have checked out the square, and the little ledges by the courthouse, and had some fun in the spots there, and we found these neat little structures at the waterfront that are pretty fun.
Also, Hoyt Arboretum is pretty solid.

We are always on the lookout for good outdoor spots though, so please post pics of them here if you find them.


I’m tryna meet some pdx shredders and have a sesh


Youre from here too?
Can everyone from portland start using the #pdxfingers and #portlandfingerboarding hashtags?

That way we can keep the Portland love spreading.


I just set up a discord server for #pdxfingers
DM me on Instagram if you want the link!