What's you guys' favorite wheels?


I have their newest ones. Definitely nice feeling! Grippier than oaks, but less grippy than Joycult 60d. My personal favorite urethane wheels are Joys for sure. Closest thing to an ACTUAL skate urethane I’ve ever tried. I swear they seem like they are lathed out of Bones STFs… but I know they arent. Lol


I tried a homies setup the other day and he had No-Comply wheels. Wow. I have never liked a set of wheels more!


Joycult and Oak Wheels fa sho!!


I would definitely say Oaks RV2V, just because of the fact that they are the original urethane fingerboard wheel company. I’ve had zero issues with their bearings slipping, air bubbles in the material, etc. I have a set of Oak Minis coming in the mail over the weekend so I’ll be comparing those too.


<3 You dude!