What's you guys' favorite wheels?


substance wheels were too good! miss em.


Bro I still have a substance wheels but the bearings are slipping do you know how to fix it?


Oak wheels for sure!


Either my oaks Rv2 or Ywheels (which are super smooth and roll like heaven) :grin:


Joycults, any of the shapes (OG, classics, XLs, lites) although I’ve really been enjoying the XLs these past few weeks :yum:


i reallllly like the flatface street shape but i have a set of joycult 60ds that feel almost as good, the oak rv2v is a really good wheel too it just picks up a lot of dirt but other than that id be fine with any of them on my current setup :grin:


Oak wheels for sure. I’ve already tried of bunch of brands, substance, winkler, flatface, ywheels, single bearing, dual bearing. But no one came close to the feeling of oaks, that little squeek when you powerslide, the ability to be able to ride on any surface, and the sound of the wheels just rolling, have you heard it?


THere’s so many good ones. I love ff swirls, ff duals, LSD. I have more LSD wheels coming, some oaks, some oak ff, and some winkler green big d’s coming.


joycults r my favorite but the Oak x ff dual duros r very nice…and u cant go wrong with some wysocki wheels :v:


Cartwheels are reaaaaaally sexy! :star_struck:


Og joycults 4 life.


Joycult XL’s


Oaks are the number one!

and anything thats not Joycult trash.


You’re kinda like me. I like the feel of alot of wheels.


Oaks for sure


Im going straight for Oak Wheels! Love em for Years!
At the Moment i use the Oak X FF Collabo Wheels on the daily Base and i can say those are the most awesome wheels i have ever used.

Mucho Feeling.


I’ve been an oak wheel fanatic for years, but the new gen joycult wheels (with updated bearings) are my new number one.


Joycults (old, new, all of the above) and Snugs from Northwoods


Flatface :fire:


Joycult. I prefer 70d OG and classics, but I’m still waiting for 70d lites. Can‘t wait to test this shape!