What's you guys' favorite wheels?


I received a package from Joycult today and strangely one of the first things I thought of was this reply when I opened it up. There’s nothing against you or anything like that at all, I promise, but I felt that I needed to share my experience.

I originally emailed Matt about the new Woo Blue wheels I ordered and how the bearings were a little crunchy, where he didn’t even question sending me replacements. He wouldn’t accept the faulty ones back and not only did he send me a Joycult hat as an extra, the replacements he included were the White Lites. That wheel colorway usually sells out in minutes and it meant a lot to me that he cared enough to do that.

I’d say my favorite wheels were probably Oaks, but I think Joycult takes the cake after that level of customer appreciation.


Much Love homie!


<3 you my dude.


I’m a fan of NollieWheels and have been using them from 2011 onwards. I have some old Oak wheels as well. My Oaks are very old now though and I think I am more of a plastic guy myself. I love that people still remember substance, they were so sick back in the day.


Joycult 60d


I love the Winkler Wheels „Fatman“ Hoffmann! They are wider than the last few wheels I had and I even like them better than my own signature wheels.
To be honest I havent really tried any other brands than WW and FF, so I cant really say anything bad about other brands.
I think it is great there are different materials, designs, and colorways available, since there are so many unique fingerboarding styles.


I’ve been meaning to try y-wheels. How do they compare to other urethane wheels like oaks?


I felt like they were too grippy for me. I had the clear set.


I have their newest ones. Definitely nice feeling! Grippier than oaks, but less grippy than Joycult 60d. My personal favorite urethane wheels are Joys for sure. Closest thing to an ACTUAL skate urethane I’ve ever tried. I swear they seem like they are lathed out of Bones STFs… but I know they arent. Lol


I tried a homies setup the other day and he had No-Comply wheels. Wow. I have never liked a set of wheels more!


Joycult and Oak Wheels fa sho!!


I would definitely say Oaks RV2V, just because of the fact that they are the original urethane fingerboard wheel company. I’ve had zero issues with their bearings slipping, air bubbles in the material, etc. I have a set of Oak Minis coming in the mail over the weekend so I’ll be comparing those too.


<3 You dude!


Joy’s and Oaks my dude what do ya think hahaha!!


Yeah I always tried to get substance wheels it never happened but I heard good things.


I’ve been really enjoying my joycults xl’s and lites lately. I love the feel of the urethane and how close it resembles an actual skateboard wheel.


I’m a urethane wheel guy.

I’ve always loved Close Up bearing wheels (both the originals and the newer version). After about a decade, the original bearings are finally slipping but they’ve had a great run.

Right now, I’m riding Cartwheels urethane wheels. They’re amazing! I love the grip, the shape and stability. They also look really sweet.


the new cartwheels single bearing nylon wheels. the best.


I’ve been riding Oaks for a while (2 RV2V and 1 Oak minis). But lately I’ve really been enjoying Cartwheels single Bearing (have the dual ones aswell but just don’t like y-trucks), and Winkler Fatmans. But I do also enjoy FF wheels.
But Cartwheels and Fatmans are my favourites.


Oaks definitely, preferably bowls but I love all the shapes :slight_smile:️:heart:️ But in my opinion there’s no bad wheel. Each wheel serves a unique purpose. Shoot sometimes the Cnc china wheels feel amazing :star_struck: