What's you guys' favorite wheels?


Right now, my favorite are ywheels but I have a set of Winklers that I’ve yet to set up since it’s going with a specific board that’s being delivered soon. What kind of wheels do you guys enjoy most?


I’m enjoying my Flatface BRR wheels, but I love Oakwheels


I prefer Oaks over FF BRR because of the urethane softer feel over plastic. I think they’re more responsive in solid surfaces and don’t get me started on the squeak :grin:


Oaks!!! Once I tried urethane wheels I could not go back to plastic.


flatface street shapes


My all time favorite wheels I’ve ridden are the Substance Thc-B wheels that my brother owns currently, and a set of White Sulit wheels I rode forever and sadly cracked.
My preference for wheels in general are Flatface wheels, both BRT editions/swirls, and the street shapes!


I used grippy wheels for the longest time (early model Oak’s, FF G7T’s) but switched to normal FF BRR editions like 4 years ago and never looked back


Oaks all day long, followed closely by the LSD wheels


How are LSD? Look really nice. Is he selling them now?


They are literally like riding clouds… it’s weird, they are the smoothest wheels I have ever used. He’s not selling at the moment, something to do with a redesign. Soon though.


I like the nice mix of opinions. I guess it really depends on the surface you ride on.


I have tried just about everything on the market, but Winklers are the only thing that have never let me down. I would give my left nut if Martin would start doing urethane wheels.


I used to only ride urethane wheels like oaks or joys, but realised I wasn’t enjoying them much anymore. Now I’d say my favourite are ywheels v3 65D or dual duros.


Joycults or flatface G4-D’s


Cartwheels make my heart warm :grimacing:


Flat face dual durometers :triumph:


DFB singles and Rools urethane


nylon cartwheels for sure!


I’ve got 3 setups and on those I have: Oak Rv2v’s, Joycult Xls, and G4s. Really enjoy the feeling of all of them for different reasons, just depends on the day


Northwoods Snugs, been riding the same set for almost 2 years <33