What wheels do you use with BRTs?


I just purchased a carbon fiber 34mm and want to get a new set of BRT 2.0s for them. I’m also looking to get Oak Bowls for them. Is this a good combo? Do you recommend something else over BRTs or Oak Bowl wheels? Share your opinions…thx


Oak Bowl wheels for sure - would like to test them out!


They’re basically ready to go in my cart… just have to commit to BRT 2.0s


brt’s are great, oaks are great, and they work just fine together.
since you have 34mm you might take a look at ytrucks they make 34mm trucks also,


rumour has it that there will be 34mm brts sometime this year…
oaks and brts are a perfect match!
the ytrucks x5 are solid trucks but they work best with double bearing wheels like ywheels or cartwheels.
to make oaks work you have to buy spacers to „replace“ the missing bearing. i did just that and it works. but… the one bearing sits on the threaded part of the axle which makes it kind of wobbly.
i mean it works and feels ok but not like the running on rails kind of feeling of winkler wheels on brts.


there is to add that oak bowl wheels are rather wide and they stand a bit over the brt trucks axle. so you will get a width of 33mm at least :wink:


I use either oak mini, oak rv2, Winkler, joycult mini or joycult Classic. It all comes down to preference.


That’s a great combo in my opinion and oak bowls are a little larger but are still way awesome on brts in my opinion and dynamics are great too. If ya want double bearing wheels then get ytrucks for extra space on the axle for the extra bearing or tdlb trucks


This is just personal opinion but I think joycults are better than oaks like it’s fine if you get oaks I just don’t like their feel as much as joycults