What trucks have the least issues/maintenance?


I’ve never bought any expensive trucks before, and I’m looking to find which ones are the most reliable. I’m using close up trucks right now, and I have an issue with the axle shifting from one side to the other. It triggers my OCD, and makes me want to “commit-die.” I’ve tried every measure I could think of to rectify the issue, but these trucks suck almost as much as I do. It pains me to drop $60 on fingerboard trucks, but after almost 13 years of fingerboarding; I think it’s time.

Which trucks do you find are the most stable? If I’m paying that much for FB trucks, that axle better be rock solid with ZERO movement. I’ve seen posts on Reddit of people using dynamics having the same loose axle issue, so I’m not too keen on buying those. I don’t have a preference on looks between the Y-Trucks and the BRT’s; I just don’t want to have to mess with them. I grip over my trucks, so I don’t have an issue with stripping baseplates if that matters.




Look up “Top Trucks (fingerboard)” from plankton. Or china trucks and buy a brt baseplate. Or ask Scott from dynamic and special order one of their baseplates. My dynamics don’t have a loose axle but you can buy extras from dirty FB. Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Thanks! I didn’t know they sold extra axles!
I may do dynamics then. If you don’t have any issues with axle use, and if I can get replacements if I would run into issues; then that might be the safest bet after all.

Any tips on bushings for Dynamics? I like medium trucks, more stiff than loose if you get my drift; but not tight.


I useTKY BRT bushings on the big TKY bushing on top on a flatface rohm bushing on bottom. Get them from flatface


Hope it helps :slight_smile:


I know this thread is pretty old, but I figured I’d reply if you haven’t made a decision yet.

The only truck brands I’ve owned, that didn’t end up with the axles slipping, were Ytrucks and 2KR trucks. I suppose the Undead Fvcker trucks I owned never slipped either, but I didn’t ride them enough for anything to happen to them before they were resold.

Blackriver trucks are my favorite by far, but those and Dynamics always had their axles loosen on me after a while.


Thanks for the input! I’m probably going to end up going with dynamics, so we’ll see if they become a problem or not. I’ve heard the customer service is pretty good over there, so that makes me feel a little bit better about it!