What are you waiting in your mail?


I’m waiting for my sponsor pack, some cores, and a cowply


i dont get the thing with the Cores.
weird i think :smiley:


Yeah I honestly wouldn’t do that to duros but I don’t mind the feel of cores so when I saw a good deal I went for it.


Joycult classic whites
@Arty1fb track can


Waiting for two of the DIY Material rails from Blackriver.
I’m currently moving and convinced my boyfriend I could build a park in the new flat. Let’s see when I get around to it and how it’s gonna turn out.



Waiting on 3 obstacles!
Bonk benches: ledge bench
Wide industrial rail
blackriver brick box
and a couple set washers haha


Joycult XLs in white, Hi-liter, creme, Saturdays, Vino, and fader 2 and a set of classics in frostie glow. Genius southsoft colab deck, Wush mystery deck, comply c3 spring clean mystery deck, fiveluck enigma tech 5, two sets of pink x4 ytrucks, and some dk boardrails and level up bushings. Stoked and can’t wait


Right on! Let me know how you like the XLs


Will do! Should be here tomorrow or Monday! :star_struck:


Oh man! The XL Square I’ve been drooling over! Nice.


The XLs feel amazing! Look amazing too! Had one bearing that was a little slow but it’s starting to roll better the more I ride them. Lots of people saying the new wheels didn’t feel like the same formula as the OG joycults but they definitely do but in my opinion feel a little smoother


Waiting on a custom yawn, a couple of genius decks, some ff duros, a few bonk board and a bonk mystery package.


Awesome! Glad to hear you’re liking them! I’ve been primarily riding XLs for the last month and absolutely love them! Can’t wait for my new ones to get here.


waiting on a set of oak x ff duros, heard a lot of great things about these wheels cant wait to try them:grin:


Still waiting for my fucking genius


Me too! When’d you place your order? Mine was on FEB 5th. I also got one of the collab boards last week and still haven’t heard anything about it being shipped yet…7 days…


DuyTran since 24th of January :-))))


I think I have a problem - now I’m waiting on a custom Enigma blank deck from FiveLuck, a Devise split ply deck, FlatFace Street Shape wheels, and two Blackriver First Aid hangers.


I am waiting on Gold/Gold BRTs, Green Teak, a 1up Mushroom split ply from LA Fingerboards and some spitfire white Acid Drop wheels from Laughing Skull. Gonna be one helluva setup


I am waiting on Lots of obstacles, and 2 decks. 1 from Detroit decks, 1 from Los Angeles Fingerboards