What are you waiting in your mail?


joycult classic whites


The New Emanant shape! @Drakelocks


I am stoked about this ATX driveway box.


I’m waiting for

1 x Skowood
1 x Chems 32 deck rack and lock nuts (epic guy to deal with, hooked me up with free shipping)
2 x Bonk boards and 1 x mystery package
1 x Woob mystery deck

I think that’s all :man_shrugging:t2:


looks sick, I was planning on getting a pecan kicker from them tomorrow.


Just order my first real set up, brokenknuckle of course
32mm “tuned” trucks
Set of their cnc wheels
34mm low mold “space monkey” deck
Their bench and I got a free 32mm complete


A few woobs, that’s about it


I think my next purchase will be from Chems. I really want to try the engraved tape and decks!


I’m waiting on:
3 Fiveluck Tech5 Blade standards
2 sets of BRTs (all black, and all gold)
3 woob Cozys
1 woob Relax
And a sample pack of beard oil from Barbu Beard Co. Lol


1 woob, 1 bonk board, 2 beatpants, 1 joycult lites


1 woob & 1 set joycult xl wheels, white, 70D


Waiting on a Proleisure split for my BRTs and Winklers. It’s the one on the right.


I ordered this amazing replica trash barrel from @Arty1fb on Instagram. I just got my first one from him a couple days ago and I had to have another.


Epic bro you won’t be disappointed, he does great work


I am waiting for two woobs
And three mini canvases💦


Hey there!
Im waiting for quite a bunch of stuff!
First of all i won a giveaway of Karatfibgerboards
So in waiting for that.

Then im waiting for boardrails of DK Fingerboards of Ukraine.

A Granite Bench of Systeam fingerboards from russia.
note Im also waiting for a Deck of @Idle FB ! Thanks again bud!

And final and last a package from Ridge Clothing with is the brand of @Catz.fb i dont really know if that is fingervoard related :smiley:

Lets push fingerboarding!


Waiting for a bunch of Oak Wheels, Kart X FBS Lock Nuts and a Sorry For Fingerboeding deck.


Woob canvas


Anxiously waiting for the joycult wheels from last TUE to ship. I got an email on FRI saying that they were shipped, but the status from the provided tracking number still currently shows “electronic information submitted by shipper”. Is anyone else encountering the same situation?


Same here. Hang in there!