What are you waiting in your mail?


From Flatface:
• FF street shape wheels (black)
• Dump Trucks
• FF Team bushings
• Washers

From Blackriver:
• BW “En Voyage” (29mm)


Waiting for my Unique Juvie Pre Order, Dynamic Trucks 32mm and 34mm, and some Chems Tape and DK Fingerboard.


Just ordered a deck mold and some veneer off of eBay. I haven’t made a deck since 03-04 lol.


BRR Brick Box
New Tripod


34mm Dynamic Trucks
I’m not really a 34mm guy, but I decided to give these a try. The hype for this release was very convincing!

39x marble tiles to cover my new fingerboard surface :+1:


Where did you decide to buy your tiles from?


I went with Amazon, even though I didn’t get my free Prime Day $10 - I did the ordering wrong, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it :neutral_face:


From BRR:

  • 2 pocket kickers
  • DIY rail
  • ff brr ed turquoise (for a friend)

From DK

  • 2 blank DKs (one for me and one for another friend of mine)


Stoked to see the finished product!


I’m waiting for my catfishbbq deck!


Recently just got my wush deck, wushings and white joycult 60d lites and classics full graphic (although received non-graphic wheels on delivery)

Still waiting on White Joycult XLs - full graphic 60d
Chrome/gun metal X5 ytrucks
Fbs ytruck spacers
Fbs smooth tape


Waiting on some White Joycult XL 70D’s, a bonk benches burgeon bench, and a woob purchased in April… Anybody have and idea on the wait time for bonk benches obstacles? It’s been a few weeks… I know the wait time for a woob is real.


Bonks are usually pretty quick… anything I’ve ever ordered from him came In less than a week


Dang, I emailed him directly this morning. Hopefully I get a reply soon…


Joycult shows my estimated delivery date as July 12th and it wasn’t accepted to be shipped until the 17th…lol…still waiting as of today…


Weird… Mine are already in the states and were ordered on the 21st


I feel your pain… Joycult shipping is always hit or miss with me. Sometimes I get them in 4 days… sometimes it takes 2 weeks. Lol international shipping is always a pain


Yeah I usually have decent luck, my XLs came in yesterday finally haha I don’t think anyone can beat Fingerboard Store’s shipping - always makes it to me super quick!


Just copped an engraved white Bangerang deck.

Anyone used these before? Like them?


With the new pouches we had to take a bit of extra time organizing and packing wheels as it is easy to mix up, once they are concealed in the bag! BUT, developed a much better system that ensures speedy packing, and as a result shipping! (Granted customs is doing their job)

Much Love Dude!