What are you waiting in your mail?


Awesome! Glad to hear you’re liking them! I’ve been primarily riding XLs for the last month and absolutely love them! Can’t wait for my new ones to get here.


waiting on a set of oak x ff duros, heard a lot of great things about these wheels cant wait to try them:grin:


Still waiting for my fucking genius


Me too! When’d you place your order? Mine was on FEB 5th. I also got one of the collab boards last week and still haven’t heard anything about it being shipped yet…7 days…


DuyTran since 24th of January :-))))


I think I have a problem - now I’m waiting on a custom Enigma blank deck from FiveLuck, a Devise split ply deck, FlatFace Street Shape wheels, and two Blackriver First Aid hangers.


I am waiting on Gold/Gold BRTs, Green Teak, a 1up Mushroom split ply from LA Fingerboards and some spitfire white Acid Drop wheels from Laughing Skull. Gonna be one helluva setup


I am waiting on Lots of obstacles, and 2 decks. 1 from Detroit decks, 1 from Los Angeles Fingerboards


Currently im waiting for some Tape from
Chems FB

I helped him or I inspired him to create a Performance tape.
looking forward to test it :slight_smile:Never tried Chems Tape :slight_smile:


I’m waiting for some joycult wheels, mini crates from chems, a wush custom deck, a flint artist series from a trade, some Winkler wheels and a woob. I think that is it.
Edit, forgot, I’m also waiting for a set of oaks and a Blackriver skateboard


Just waiting for the @genuine.fb deck that i won from the most genuine trick made almost a month ago, and some RV2 Bluemotion Oaks for a gift to my cousin :fire:


I’m waiting on:

Oak Minis from a trade I did on Instagram.
@Idle Two Tone from a trade I did on Instagram.
No Comply ‘Mellow Mold 2018’ Garbage Pale Kids Graphic.
Inverted Kingpins


Waiting on a DK blank that was too beautiful to pass on, a concrete curb from OG fingers (never grabbed one before now for some reason), and two sets of joycults.


Some banging new X4 Ytrucks, green and gold, very excited!


Waiting on some new matte dynamics trucks


A wush custom, oak wheels, fbs boxes, rip tape, berlinwood, oak hat, new flint, and some southsoft bushings.


I’m waiting on my p-rep complete I went with white trucks and light blue wheels. I’m pretty stoked on getting back into fingerboarding haha


I am waiting on LSD x Chems tape, a new Los Angeles Fingerboards Split, and a reigny daze hesh wedge!


First set of BRT 2.0s, Oak Wheels, Chemsfb Mid-pro carbon fiber, and board rails/tuning/lock nuts

update: bag secured. see here


Waiting on a hesh wedge from my boy reigny and some BRTs