What are you waiting in your mail?


In this post i wanna know what fb material are you waiting in your mail!

In mi case i’m waiting a Genuine Fb/dislocation pink boardrails/ytucks/ywheels




Ordered some Joycults with yesterdays stock drop.
1 x White XL with full graphic
1 x white Classic with full graphic

And i might be getting a blackriver playground somewhere at the end of march.


Waiting for 2 sets of replacement Joycults for over a month now. Ugh…


I’ve got a 5luck Enigma on the way, and it coukd be here any day. I am also waiting on some bushings


Bonk Bundle
Yellowood 65d’s
And some trades :smirk:


I recently ordered some Wysocki 6.5mm 101A Hwite wheels to compliment my custom order from Simple Decks Co. Alex is recreating my first professional skateboard deck (Zero Bold B&W), which started my progression in trick skating. I can’t wait to see the end result!


waiting for a lil care package from sponsormetape and my taxes $$$$ :wink:


Pocket quarter, Fiveluck 7ply Wu blade, Couch Pilot,and a brr parking curb :blush::sparkles:




Dynamics and some FBS


Waiting for a 1/1 catfish 34mm deck and joycult classics


waiting for some brts and some FlatFace G6s I got for like 45 bucks :joy:


Update: It’s Here!

Waiting for this beauty from @pieceofwoood
Just shipped yesterday, I can’t wait!



Ywheel 65Ds are really good! Enjoy


A Beastpants and brick ledge from @pieceofwood
@rvstco deck from giveaway
and a genius deck for over a month now


Joycult Frostie glows and blackcats, 60D.


Unique nesting


2 new additional medium (“Super” shape) molds should be at my doorstep on Monday. :fire::grinning: also 3 sets of LSD wheels, 2 sets of FF swirls.


Nollie wheels tape, kinda boring but im out of tape


Waiting for my Y-Trucks X5 Gunmetal/Tiffany, Joycults 60D Tanners, FBS Tapes, Wysocki Wheels replacement, Teak Tunings and my first Woob (Ocean Wooblue).