“West Coast Classic” A Vancouver Fingerboard Event!


Hey West Coasters!

Save the date for May 12th, 2018 in Vancouver! We are gearing up for a great shred session of miniature skateboards.

Multiple tables/parks, prizes, best trick contest, good tunes and good vibes. This event isn’t about the contest vibes. It’s about a shared love of fingerskating! :pray:t2::peace_symbol:

Come on out and share a laugh and a trick or two with some like minded individuals. If anyone would like to get involved or has questions feel free to shoot me a message on here or IG. Peace and positivity to all :pray:t2::peace_symbol:


Planning on taking the train up there from Seattle!


Would be thrilled to have yah make it out! First time hosting a meet, but it’s shaping up to be a blast! :peace_symbol: