Wanted Items!


have just one, I think its like from 2008/9
Would ship you for some low cash but not in my own country now where is it located

stay in contact - if you want to wait like 20 days, then I can ship you


Sounds good to me mate. Let me know.


Hey man, i’m hella interested in those


Looking for an airflo flat handrail and a flatface Vista ledge, only buying.


Looking for some concrete pool coping, willing to buy/trade!

Something such as this or similar:


message asi berlin shop. i got mine from them


Anyone have a L rail they wanna sale/trade? Looks like they’re all sold out on the sites I’ve checked…


Radical fingerboards should have them in stock shortly


Thanks dude! I actually messaged ema ramps on insta yesterday and they had one that I was able to snag, was just wrong on their site apparently


HII! Looking for brr pocket quarter and concrete quarter ! peace


Looking for some Joycult Sea Scrapers, preferably lites but open to any shape! Let me know what you’ve got!