Wanted Items!


looking for an NPR bench preferably the all natural (concrete color)


Looking for Lab (No Comply) wheels. Hit me up if you have some or know who does.


Looking for oak’s rv2


Looking for a deck : WOOB or FLAKED
Looking for a wheels: old JOYCULT 60D

Looking for a JOYCULT stickers FLINT stickers and Berlinwood Jay Linehan sticker


What would you trade for a set?


Looking for fuckin white G4s


i want to buy some old joy cult 60-70d ! i have 2 pair of new joys but old looks great !


I got some brand new ones, in package. You got stuff to trade?


Hey dudes,

I am looking for any fingerboard to be considered “of high quality” these days. I haven’t had anything other than a techdeck in many years, and it never really got past wooden decks with techdeck parts. Obviously I’ve seen how expensive these things are on the internet, so I am definitely looking for something used that isn’t the same price as a full sized board (I can’t justify that haha). Figured this would be a good place to start.



U can order them on grandfingers.com
They are thick bearings to fit your duals :slight_smile:


i change 60D joy cult SKYROCK from xmas drop for O.G mixed or one color!


Hi Finger Brothers ! :pray:
New Joycult XL 60d Blackcats FOR SALE
60€/70$ USD
If You wanna buy write to me on my Instagram: Flatthew

Peace :facepunch:


I need riser pads. If you have a bunch of tech deck risers laying around please let me know. I’ll buy em


Couple brand new wheels and boards


Yo you still need?


I’m looking for some random old stuff that would be cool to have in my collection.

BW Old Molds
Fapwood (Old Taylor Lucas brand)


I’m looking for that yellow stairset rail the goes with the brr stairset. Other stair set rails are fine too


Back on the hunt for some Joycult OG PK’s. I’ve got some brand-new Joycult classic white 60D’s I can trade for them and/or any of these boards. Or I can buy them. Hit me up if you have a set you’re looking to sell or trade!


Which ones are the PKs again? The green and pink? @DuyTran


It’s the purple-white swirl wheels. Matt dropped some later versions, but those look more lavender and less ‘swirly’ than the original ones. Here’s a picture I found online: