Wanted Items!


HII! Looking for brr pocket quarter and concrete quarter ! peace


Looking for some Joycult Sea Scrapers, preferably lites but open to any shape! Let me know what you’ve got!


Looking for old pretes, berlinwood old molds and Harrier ramps


Im looking for FlatFace G7.1 Dualbearing wheels or Flatface G4´s
Hit me up on here or Insta :slight_smile:


Looking for some white Oaks in RV2 or RV2V shape. Would prefer a trade but willing to buy for the right price. Have lots of Joys I can trade, or other stuff depending your preference. Lmk! Pm me here or on insta: @kevinmbyrd



Still looking for Prete Decks and Old Mold Berlinwoods, also Pop Decks, Piratenholz and Flaked :v:


I have a couple pretes. message me on instagram @finger01board



Always regretted not getting a KL bench


Looking for old stuff from 2000-2010. Prete, Berlinwood WIDE 1st mold, Evolve, C24, Holywood, Shortwood/Flaked, Half Pint, Flatface, Homewood, Defstone, Fapwood/Black Diamond, Close up g1, Downtown, Lowpro, OK, Spinal, Vegas, <3 Attack, Priest, Arctic, and anyone I missed. Also a set or even an incomplete set of Eurrolt wheels.

Also looking for complete manufactured other than Tech Deck/Xconcepts. Weird-boards, Hot Wheels, Fingerboard brand, and any kind of weird off brand…if it’s new in package definitely a plus, but I’d even be interested if it’s missing stuff.

Looking for old ramps as well. Specifically anything from ABC or Buckledown

Lastly, I’m looking for a metal fingerboard mold with plotted truck holes. Might be a stretch but hit me up if you want to sell to a good home.


I have a Chems 34mm mid pro orange for sale/trade. Looking for other decks


Looking for an old toxic fingerboards bench. I had one back in the day but had it stolen. Have not seen one in a while other than a flatface video from a while back.


Messaged you on insta :blush:


Much appreciated bro :black_heart:


Looking for a mint EVOLVE DARIO MARCHINI…i have only one thrashed​:expressionless::expressionless:


Looking for a camo flashbone bag


They have another super similar, did you see this guy?



awe man, just saw an ebay lot not too long ago with one in it


I‘m searching for oak minis and brts 32mm. I prefer to trade with one of my decks and maybe i pay a few bucks on top.
Europe prefered


If anyone has any of these flint decks they are wanting to part with (or any of the oak x flint collaboration decks) please, it me up