Wanted Items!


If you are looking to buy or trade for a certain fingerboard item, post what you are looking for here.


I’ll start this off, if anyone has a Cowply C1 from 2016 or earlier, or FlatFace cores/dual durometer wheels, let me know. Check my IG @targetaqu1red to see the stuff I’ve got to trade or I can buy.


Looking for a Beastpants domesticated, have a brand new feral I’m looking to trade for it! HMU on insta @2ndForce


Looking for a pair of Substance wheels. (Could be anything but really want THCa’s)


Looking to buy some brts or ytrucks 32mm!



Looking to buy or trade for some Joycults VINOS prefferably XLs but will probably take any VINOS. Hit me up on insta: @GeosRandomShit


Currently looking for the strangest thing. One functioning axle for a 32mm blackriver truck. Let me know if you happen to have one! Thanks:)


flatface g15, wide black brts, joycult 60ds, chemsfb tape
berlinwood wide low, 32mm dynamics, light link rv2vs, chems fb tape
berlinwood 29 mm classic, yellow 29mm brts, flatface streetshape
beastpants feral, wide brts, flatface rasta swirls chemtape
catfishbbq freshwater, wide brts chem tape

all for sale or trade, wheels trucks everything :+1:t4:


also looking for any flint deck


I’ve got a brand new set of substance airflos if you’re interested


I’m looking for Flints

If you have any I don’t have, please hit me up :blush:


Hey guys :slight_smile: Im always looking for FLAKED decks. They were made by Flaki from Germany couple years ago.
But they’re not made anymore. So hit me up if you have one laying around :slight_smile:


This isn’t the sale post, this is for people who are looking to buy things. Can you go post it at “For Sale” or “For Trade”. Thanks.


Go check the post I tagged you in :wink:


It’s a stretch, but there’s one peculiar item I’m really looking for. If anyone happens to have an old Holywopd deck from around 2008, I used to own one and I adored that deck to no end but I got scammed out of it. Just a pitch I wanted to put out there.


Looking for GekoZone bearing wheels! Preferrably the urethane material but any would be awesome too. Hit me a dm here or at IG @teddarawr.


Does anyone know where I can buy bearings for dual bearing wheels? I only need a couple.


Yellowood sells them


I can order them through my work, they’re $4 for four of them


Latest stock went live a few minutes ago, might be able to get a domesticated BeastPants there