Upgrading my Park


Thats how my park looked like some days ago:

I missed some flow in the corner with the curved slappy pad. Also that barrier thing in the other corner wasn’t fun at all.


So I want to build a free fill concrete corner on top of the pad. Some screws as rebar for the pillars and the grove for a smooth transition. The black thing is just cardboard and a lot of duct tape. Right now there is already wire for rebar in it and I filled the pillars.
And I added these small banks to have a roll up. They are like some quick DIYs on barriers, to have the skateboard feeling haha

On this side I removed the whole ramp and fillled the wood and screws like on the corner. Not gonna say more whats coming there.

And a small improvement at the quarter hip:

Last year I added pool coping from POP on the long side and that was already rad. But on the other side was still a metal pipe, which I removed next to some wood. Got some coping from Prete and placed it there.

Already feels really nice to shred that thing. But can’t wait to finish the other spots! Will be on a trip next week, so the next update is coming in two weeks. If you have some ideas or suggestions, let me know!


Hell yeah looks sick! Maybe some aluminium coping for the downledge?


Thanks! Not a big fan of aluminium copings because of the sound and feeling. The wood is actually really nice to grind


A hydrant would look super cool in between the kicker gap, and maybe you could add a removable handrail on the double set… just an idea


i already had the pleasure of riding that bad boi!
Looking forward to try the new stuff! :smiley:
@theyge my guy! Keep on shrdng!


thought about a handrail but couldn’t find one that fits well. also would love to do by myself


Today I did the corner. Came out a bit bumpy but gonna sand it when it’s dry. On the table is my first try of making mosaic stuff.
Could have made it all cleaner and better but can’t wait to shred it anyway!


Finally finished it! After sanding everything feels really smooth and it’s so much more fun than before. But now I feel that I have to add some more small things to it haha

Thats the other side. Stoked how it came out!

How it look under the hip. Big DIY-vibe.