Unique Decks


Whats up guys! I have been making fingerboards since I first started fingerboarding in 2008. I opened Unique Decks in 2011, and it has transformed into my full time job!


Unique is my passion, my outlet, and my way of contributing to the world. It makes me so happy that so many people support what I do and enjoy the boards that I make. I have spent years perfecting my processes and producing the best boards possible. Every board is made with love :slight_smile:

  • Genuine skateboard heat transfer graphics
  • Hand cut split plies
  • Exotic woods
  • Colorful ply combos
  • That specialty feeling :wink:

Professional, specialty fingerboards handmade in Oregon.
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More updates soon!



Love your work!
You got a big fan over here in Germany. Keep going, just so awesome and … unique :smile:


thanks! :slight_smile: imma keep going


True love on the green ninja turtles design! Keep going man! :heart_eyes:


decks evolved beautifully through the years :slight_smile: keep it up



These boards will be IN STOCK TOMORROW, March 3rd, at 11am PST (2pm EST, 7pm GMT).

What will be available:

  • white full dip SPECIAL EDITION

  • black full dip SPECIAL EDITION

  • monochrome full color SPECIAL EDITION

  • “Ninja Turtle” (transparent)

  • “Out of Boards”

  • “Primary Geometry”

  • a few one offs

You don’t wanna miss out on this stock. Lot’s of special ones in here :slight_smile:




I am going to try hard to pick up a TMNT deck. My daughter loves ninja turtles.(Of course I do as well)


I dont think i have to say alot.
Mallory already knows,
I really like her Decks. The Shape is nice and smooth. (Nesting Shape)
The shorter Wheelsbase gives a whole different feeling.
overall the decks are very well made, and the Graphics are on the dot.
<3 <3 <3 keep on going @mallory !


Stock this Saturday, March 31st (tomorrow)!
11am PST
2pm EST
7pm GMT

  • “You’re Special” graphic over vibrant split ply bottom

  • “Random Rectangles” split plies

  • “Repeating Script” graphic Rosewood Two Tone

  • “I’m Still Growing” graphic designed by Sam Aronie

Love u