"The Sesh" Fingerboarding Live Stream and Podcast


Hi I am @StevieHarkinsFB on Instagram and StevieHarkinsCK on Twitch.tv/StevieHarkinsCK and I host the Informative and always fresh series called “The Sesh” That centers around all things fingerboarding and fingerboard culture! Links to past Interviews and Live Casts can be found on youtube here! Feel Free to use this thread as a place to talk about the show and or even post questions for me! Remember to always be a positive influence on the hobby and keep yourself informed!


Love these podcasts! People, you better take a lesson!


This is so cool. Can’t wait to see some more of these. Especially as they gain popularity and you get get bigger guests in the scene. Great idea!


@StevieHarkinsFB When’s the next one :hugs:


New Episode Today in 5 minutes with Onfo Fingerboards! Join us now! Twitch.tv/StevieHarkinsCK


HOT EPISODE TODAY 4.28 at 10:30 pm central time with odyssey FB, Idle FB, ATX ramps and other members of the Odyssey Fingerboard team be there!

[https://www.twitch.tv/stevieharkinsck](http://TWITCH LINK)


LIVE NOW! Today should be alot of fun come on by! Twitch.tv/StevieHarkinsCK