The People Change, But the Scene Stays the Same



Since the online fingerboarding community started many people have come and gone, but only few have shown there devotion through and through. If you posted a poll on a fingerboarding website today asking who owned Supernatural, or who pageoneresults is you wouldn’t get many right answers. While this may seem bad, it is very good. It puts life in perspective for you, preparing you for the major changes coming later in life.

One of the biggest sites in fb’ing right now is They just recently lost a member when Jamie decided it was time to move on like the dozens other. But the remaining member Unidan is one of the most well respected people. People think about it and it seems like he has been here forever. But it hasn’t truly been that long, he just quickly learned what annoyed people. I remember when he first came to the scene and posted about 20 topics a day boasting the tricks he invented. How he has gone from an annoying newbie to the top is remarkable. It just represents the fast changing scene. Few have stayed here for the long haul so I would like to mention a few who have been here since the beginning even before when I came here just weeks after the opening of the old site sporting the yellow, white and blue color scheme.

Scott, Lucas and Jordan. Not a long list huh, but even despite that our community is as strong as ever, with newcomers designing great ramps, and making great new products for the public. So when its time for you to go and move on to better things don’t feel guilty. Like the seasons changing it only benefits everyone to have people leave when they are sick of it and not feel it’s a chore. Eventually we will all leave so enjoy it while you can. I fear the day my time arrives because recent events make me feel its coming soon.

Author: Jacob aka FBJumper
Source: HardstyleFB Magazine
Date: November 2001
Original Piece:


This article was written during a transitionary phase for the online, North American fingerboarding scene. was shut down by Tech Deck in 2000. Phingeybored Jabber, created in response to the shutdown, recently died as well… The community faced an exodus of hardcore fingerboarders as the original Tech Deck hype from '98-'00 had died down. opened up as a response to the demands and started to revive the scene.

The people
Unidan (aka Ben Myst) - Founder of, a fingerboard community that was the predecessor in many ways to FFI.
Jamie - Jamie Quist aka TheSwitchKid. Co-Founder of
Supernatural - Company from 1999-2000 era. Founded by Ted Enarson.
Scott - Scott Hetkowski. Fingerboarding and handboarding pioneer! Founder of Regulation Newer Tech, Sunnyside Fingerboards…
Lucas - Lucas Kirkdorffer. Long-time moderator for FFI!
Jordan - Jordan Yeager… I don’t remember too much about him!

Editor’s Remarks: I remember reading this article 17 years ago, and the message still resonates with me today.

I think of all the people who have joined and left our hobby over the years. Not a single person mentioned in the article is active in the fingerboard community today. Yet, it’s still here. Thriving!

Thanks to all of you who continue to push our shared passion forward! I’m going to reach out to Ben, Jamie, Scott, Lucas, and Jordan to let them know their contributions to fingerboarding 17+ years ago has helped build fingerboarding to what it is today. Maybe I’ll send them each a setup as well :wink:


Great read bro. Never have there been truer words. People come and go (some come back again) but the scene is certainly alive and well, and as strong as ever.


Damn son, trip down memory lane right there.


I’m trying to find archives of SkateboardNaked


God I hope when you say Lucas you don’t means diemkay- that dude is manic.


Dennis Stimac!


Nah, his tag was just Lucas on FFI!


I came across this post during a Google search. Funny to see my name being resurfaced after so many years. I haven’t participated in almost 20 years, but still have my original fingerboards from that time in a box that I’ve taken with me every time I’ve moved since then.


That’s awesome Ted! I have fond memories from that time. Let me send you a new fingerboarding setup!


I appreciate the offer. Let me check at my parent’s house next time I’m there, I might be able to find some old videos that I could convert to share with the forum.


Same Unidan from Reddit? Now that would be wild… I wonder if he still fingerboards.
I think the only super consistent fingerboarder I know is Schneider.


Sometimes the people don’t change either 0.o