Tech Deck news


According to the official Tech Deck Instagram stories, wooden boards are “in the works” and will come with bearing wheels. No mention of other details or a release date yet.

I hope I’ll be able to get some. I think I have almost every previous wooden Tech Deck board:

  • Wooden Collector Series
  • Wood Competition Series G1
  • Wood Competition Series G2
  • Expert Sk8 High Concave (I don’t think I ever saw a Low Concave version released, even though it said the variant was available on the package. Please prove me wrong!)

Note: I have no affiliation with Tech Deck or any other fingerboard company. I’m just a big fan.


Nice, now let’s hope the decks and wheels are decent!


Saw that as well! Definitely curious on the quality they’ll be…not holding my breathe on them providing quality bearing wheels but we’ll see!


For sure! I love fingerboarding but I do not love paying a ton of money for some small parts. How does a fingerboard truck cost more that a full size skateboard truck(top of the line too and branded), same with the wheels and the decks. Don’t get me wrong I still pay the price for these products because I do love the hobby and I support the companies that make them which help push the hobby forward but yeah I wouldn’t mind having some more affordable options.

This is mainly for all the other setups I want to make, i don’t want to have to buy BRTs for my 5+ other setups whereas I do not mind at all buying that premium stuff for my main setup.


Is Noah still at Tech Deck? He’s been good about getting prototypes out to people for testing and review in the past. Also, have you heard anything about a new Tech Deck Hook Ups Series yet?

Definitely curious to see how these new Tech Decks will turn out. It’s amazing how much they’ve improved in recent months and we can only hope they continue to do so.


Yeah man, I feel the same! I get making small things are pricey to make but does blow my mind that my fingerboard complete costs the same or more than my actual complete skateboard like you mention. TD trucks if tweaked are already just as good as some others, maybe we’ll get lucky and the wheels will turn out the same.


I think the bottom line is that trucks and wheels cost a lot to develop. If the market was the size of the skate market, we’d be able to lower prices due to pure amount of sales.

Wheels cost loads to develop and I’ve looked into making trucks… The numbers are astronomical. They’re also just incredibly difficult to produce. Decks are a little more simple but still take LOADS of craftsmanship.

I think the customer is ultimately paying for the designer, the advertiser, the pr team, the creator, the photographer and the r&d team! (Which is usually the same guy!).

It’s awesome that you’re still willing to pay the high prices, just thought i’d give my 2 cents on why they can come across as high!


Oh yeah trust me I completely understand why the prices are what they are. I wouldn’t want to live in a world where Tech Deck basically pushes out companies that make wheels and trucks with something mass produced because TD obviously is purely in for profit. they aren’t going to organize a rendezvous or give back to the community the way these guys have for literal decades. At the end of the day though I think the big companies will always be around due to the craftmanship that comes with their products, there’s just that extra love that comes with it and also I play videogames for example… I buy a 60$ game and play it for 30 hours? maybe more but on average let’s say 30 hours. I then go buy BRTs and how much enjoyment do I get from those same 60$… A lot more if you ask me personally. Every hobby is the same and if you are truly into the hobby then you are willing to pay more to support the OGs and also because you see the value in it.


Noah left Spinmaster a while ago and is working for another toy company!


A comment by the official Tech Deck instagram a few hours ago has just said they will be re-opening Flow Team tryouts later this year.

It was last open at the end of May this year.