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- ReUpload from FingerboardTV - Written and Photographed by @Onkel_Urban -

Hey Folks,its been a while but im back with another crispy review. Straight out of Russia is the Company called: „ Systeam Fingerboards“ and their products are straight fire! I heard the owner organized an event, which is pretty cool!

He sent me two things: a deck:

and a Fingerbalanceboard:

Yes you heard right a Fingerbalanceboard, and its hella tough to do any tricks with it but its also hella fun!

The Deck is 34mm wide, 99m long, medium concave and mid-high kicks. The shape is symmetrical. The tail is a bit shorter and I like that.

When he told me that he sent something out I was not expecting this. The craftmanship is perfect, no glue spots, no chips in the drilling holes, no ruff edges, no laquier spots, everything is on point.
The deck is very well pressed and the paint job is on fleek. Guys this graphic was hand drawn! Yes hand drawn and then it got a clear coat! So that is on point too. I don’t like the shiny clear coat so the matte coat here is sweet as honey.

The graphic design is okay, I like the fact that you can send him your old deck and he paints you a new design on it. That’s pretty cool! Well the packaging, a zip back, is pretty casual, so I won’t talk about it, but in total that board is so good that I can ignore the packaging thing. I have to admit there is nothing I can criticize so far.

Systeam Fingerboards jumped into my top 5 craftmanship companies with this deck!


Craftmanship: 10 /10
Design & Graphic: 8 /10
Packaging: 1 /10
Shape: 8 /10

Systeam Fingerboard is really pushing the scene over there in Russia besides PROFB I guess. You better check them out. He has nice stuff and those Fingerbalanceboards are worth a try!
Check his :
►Instagram: @Systeam.Fingerboards

Hope you enjoyed this review and thank you guys for reading!
Cheers guys,
Onkel Urban.

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Here some More Pictures : :slight_smile: