Hey everyone, Chris from Stacked here. I’m currently based out of Orange County, CA and have been making decks since early 2013. I started making decks in highschool in my room or at friends houses with pretty much no tools and only using a hand drill for holes, a few bondo molds here and there, the back of a skateboard to sand and make the shape, and a vice I borrowed from a friend hahaha so we’ve come a long way since then. I’m always working on something new, so I may occasionally post some stuff here and there like stock updates and new things I’m working on. Also feel free to check out my website and Instagram which are both linked below😎 Hope to be talking to more of you guys soon👍🏻





Here is some of my past work

(Catfishbbq X stacked. debossed Kurb krusher shape)



You should do another run of the “For the kids” graphic.


There’s going to be more soon​:joy::sunglasses:


Is this the key?


Stacked decks are awesome + a creative shape. Just read my thoughts about these decks:

Curb Sled:

Bowl Buster:


Thanks Martin!


Small snippet of tomorrow’s stock. Bringing something new to the fingerboard game. New embossed mini logo graphic decks. Available 3/22/18 @9 a.m. exclusively at