Size of Tech Deck Inverted Kingpin Screws


Hey…anyone have the size of the screws? I found some 1.6 x 3.5 x 3mm on Microsfasteners but I don’t have a tool to measure them.

Anyone have a *caliper at home? Could you tell me the widght/length/height of the screws you have? I

Here is the link to the screws I was going to purchase

I use to get them from Sponsor Me Tape but he doesn’t sell them anymore.


I don’t have a micrometer but I have a caliper.

I don’t have Sponsor Me Tape screw but have Dynamic ones.

I measured them to be 1.50mm in Major Diameter, 7.25mm in length.

Hope it helps!


Thank you! Corrected for caliper haha mixed those up. Have you tried the dynamic screws in TD Baseplates? You just pop-out the kingpin with a hammer and screw them in if you haven’t tried it before.


Yeah, I have them on TD baseplates right now with 2KR hangers! It works pretty good and lower the kingpin on the 2KR trucks so it doesn’t stick out as far! :ok_hand:


Did you purchase those screws and did they work for the TD base?