Selling my setup


Hi, I am selling my beloved setup for 35$ + shipping:

Berlin wood elias ashmut deck
brt 2.0
Tky bushings
winkler wheels

Also I have a pole square rail and fingerline ramp

Setup + rail + ramp = 40$


Anything wrong with the brts?


No, it’s in a good shape, just used.



Setup 50$ + shipping
Setup + rail + ramp 60$ + shipping


If still available I’ll purchase.


Still available



Setup + rail + ramp 50$ + shipping


Willing to sell just the trucks? If so, how much? Not really interested in the other stuff…


No worries, good luck!



Setup + rail + ramp 45$ + shipping



Setup + rail + ramp 40$ + shipping


Still available


Interested in a trade? What are you looking for? I’m a disabled combat vet who collects and am also an avid fingerboarder. In my spare time I volunteer within my community with kiddos and young adults and due to their situation can’t afford anything, I’m in a rural town in the pan handle of Idaho where it’s difficult to start a scene but I have and fingerboarding takes these young people away from the hardships they face. That being said I’m not looking for anything for nothing but I have a 10 yr old boy who I have Been working with who loves BW FF in general as a company and I would like to surprise him for Xmas with one his parents can barely make rent mabee you a can help me. I’m disabled and a father of 4 and a volunteer so that means I don’t have funds to just straight buy it mabee we can trade? Thank you in advance and God bless. Please let me know thanks.