SeaFB / Seattle, WA USA


This is for the Puget Sound fingerboarders! We usually host small monthly meetups. You can see what’s happening with the crew here!



Let me know when the next meet up is! I wanna try and make it up there


Yo I’m in the Easter Washington area. Would love to link up!


The girlie and I were thinking of taking a trip up there, maybe we could attend one of the meetups


Man we need another sesh already


I would try and a host a sesh where I live but I’m not sure if you guys would be down. I’m down to come up to Seattle whenever it’s only and hour and a half drive !


Hey @cdplaya0 @Damonl22 wants to know if you can add him to it as well


Whens the next meetup? I had a bunch of fun last time!