Hey man,

The deck is called a6, im just trading the deck, wheels are too old and bearings are slipping out so i dont think you would want that. I’ll check your stuff out.

Do you have black dyed plies? i really want a black deck.


yeah i can do black plies. i’d be interested in both the wheels and the a6 forsure


i have stickers for sell if you are interesed offer your price, joy cult and catfish is very nice

e interesed offer your price, joy cult and catfish is very nice


Stickers are you Serious? :smiley:


yes, i dont need this maybe someone wants for parks or someting


then be a cool guy and dont sell em. just give them for free. no one charges you for stickers :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


if u want come to me :smiley: i give you poland-gdynia :slight_smile:


yeah fs, can you dm me on ig?


I dont use ig can we talk here?

Edit:nevermind just opened an account


@Jade_Maze Hey man you still have the T rail?


is sold :slight_smile:


If you are interested in anything dm me @cloud_fb on ig! I will see it there sooner ! :slight_smile:

Ive got 3 berlinwoods all 32mm
1 dankecruiser 33-35mm
A pair of noname trucks and oak bowl wheels in salmon
Berlinwoods for 8€ each
Cruiser for 18€ ( barely used)
Trucks for 10€ ( setup with witchcraft bushings)
Oak bowl wheels for 19€

All shipping must be paid ontop!

  • I live in Germany :de: -
    If you come to the skate your fingers event on 26th of may in Hamburg I can sell everything there just dm me on instagram @cloud_fb


Selling every deck except the g15 on the left and Oak RV2s
from left to right: BeastPants Feral 33.5mm, BW xwide, Idle Paws 34mm, Cowply C2 33mm


Selling a used Catfishbbq Ninja Kraken 33mm deck, Saltwater Shape
$20 shipped (PayPal and US Only)