Last comment from me sorry for the surge lol, but if you’ve still got these decks I’d be down to snag a couple of them!!


Yes it is!


Selling some DVD’s, Books, and Magazines.

Print (everything in German):
Fingerboarder Magazine 1-4 -> 3€ each
Fingerboarding Book from Martin Winkler -> 5€
Mini Mag “Straße” from Valentin Leiber -> 3€

DVDs 5€ each
Pissing Fingers 1, 2 & 3
Kassel Ost First Try (it’s in German I think)
BR Flashback 2010
Gripskin (from 2010)
United Fingerboarding (made by Flo Kitzmüller from Austria)

I’m selling this stuff because I have read the mags already several times and I can’t watch the DVD’s because I don’t have a DVD player anymore.

Send me a DM if you are interested in anything. Shipping world-wide of course. :wink:


I have some 60d Joycult lites up for trades/sale! They have never been used, still kept in the bag along with the sticker that came with them. They’re a darker blue color. DM me if you’re interested! I’d be down to swap for ramps, rails, decks, trucks, anything really haha


Joycult 60d XLs in red. one small scratch and one air bubble

looking to get $35 shipped


Whoa, dude - would like to check some of this out somehow!!
Congrats on the collection!



Hey man - I sent you a message on Reddit if you want to take a look. Otherwise you can message me back on here :slight_smile:


Just posted some stuff on my ebay page. Sorry that it’s USA only because of shipping fees. Also sorry that it’s mixed with other non-fb stuff. I have stuff from joycult, chems, poli, wush, etc. If you’d rather buy something through ffi i’m more than willing to do that, just pm me. Thanks for checking it out :upside_down_face:


I am selling this setup:


Have some 2kr trucks I don’t use if anyone is interested in a trade/making an offer. Have some lock nuts I’ll throw in as well


Hey, is it still to sale ? :slight_smile: Interested :smiley:


Just posted a pretty good lot on ebay. US only. Comes with a sblmnl, a flatface g15, a genius deck, and a chems 3d deck.


SALE! DM if interested

Love all these companies - just making space! All orders include one sheet of tape and stickers.
Decks include two additional sheets of tape
Wheels include one additional sheet of tape
Joycults include Joycult pouch and sticker
Five Luck deck is free to first order over $100.
US only. Free shipping.
Kalye deck 33mm $25
Sorry Antihero 34mm deck $35
Teak x Bangerang Collab Limited Edition deck 34mm deck $35
Catfishbbq x Friendship Collab deck $35
BeastPants Midnight Stripe 33.5mm deck $35
SOLD Flint Manu Oberle Photo Series 33.5mm deck $45
SOLD Flint Artist Series MVR2 33.5mm deck $45
Joycult Classics Skunkz 70D $35
Joycult Classics PKs 70D full graphic $35
SOLD Joycult Classics White 60D full graphic $30
SOLD Joycult XL Black Cats 60D full graphic $35
SOLD Joycult XL Sixes (blue) 60D $30
SOLD Joycult XL White 60D full graphic $30
SOLD Plastic wheels (FF?) $15


interested in the five luck, what mold is it?


US Only. Just posted a bunch of stuff on my eBay page from flatface, catfishbbq, beastpants, & more. If you want to buy something off eBay you can dm me @wobblytrucks on instagram or message me on here if you must. I may be willing to lower the price if you do so. Thanks for taking a look :upside_down_face:


Ill buy it, can you send me a private message?


I will 100% buy this send me a message and lets arrange it. Also looking for rare pretes.


Hey, hast du von den Sachen immer noch was zu verkaufen? :blush:


Yes they are still available - just send a DM with what you want to get.

As this is an international community I think it’s more appropriate to write in English in public conversations, so everybody understands. :wink: