Rocket Fingerboards - Molds, 3D Modeling, & Fingerboards


Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to plug my company which launched today!(Get it? cause we are called Rocke… okay nvm)

Background on Myself:

So I’m Cory! I solely operate and run Rocket. I have been Fingerboarding for just over 10 Years. I used to own a company and made decks back in 08 and since then I went to school and got a degree in Robotics (Mechanical Engineering mixed w/ Electrical & Sofware). I remember back when I had to make those shitty bondo molds haha! Now that I am done with school and working full time I have time and money for some hobbies like fingerboarding again (I also love playing basketball, snowboarding, making music, video games and boardgames). A few months ago I wanted to start making boards again and I noticed there was a lack of options when it came to buying fingerboard molds so I decided to start my own! (I always wanted a 3D Printer so this was a great excuse to finally get it!) and I feel like with my knowledge and feedback from all of you I could offer a great, unique and affordable product!

Rocket offers:

  • Fully Custom 3D Printed Fingerboard Molds (under $100 Shipped/under 100 Euros Shipped)
  • An even more affordable Basic 3D Printed Fingerboard Mold for those just getting started
  • 3D Printed shapers and templates in ANY shape or size your heart desires (every mold purchase comes with 1 of our standard “0” shape incl. free!)
  • 3D Modeling Service for Fingerboard Molds (This way if you own a 3D printer or your school/maker space has one you can just buy the actual design files fully custom to your liking and print as many as you’d like)
  • We also offer files to get your mold metal machined if you have access to that as well
  • 3D Modeling (Upon request) of wheels, trucks, whatever you need
  • Decks made in our own 3D Printed Molds!
  • And I have tons of Ideas for future projects as well so stay tuned!

If you have any suggestions on things to improve or services/products you’d like us to offer in the future feel free to post them below! We are open to all criticism/suggestions :smiley:

Anyways thank you for reading and here are the links where you can find Rocket: