Public outdoor fb spots


Picture and film all public outdoor
fingerboard spots you know and post them here with a little description and location.

Last summer, @baboomt and I found this concrete barrier in front of the Altonaer Volkspark in Hamburg, Germany. Perfect fingerboard spot!


Look so beautiful that spot! it seems that this is done expressly for fbing!



Have fun while watching!


There are some spots in here. They are in Nürnberg, München and Freiburg. All in Germany so deepest apologies to everyone who can’t make it there. Everyone else should really check them out.


Hey all, I’m planning a trip this summer to Europe, for sure hitting porto and berlin, where are the great outdoor parks at? Specifically looking for the flatface park built into a boulder and the finga fingerboards park, but any tips are welcome! Those aren’t the only two places im visiting so if you know a good spot anywhere in Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, or Morocco I would love to know! Thank you and keep two fingers up!


concrete barrier, Fischmarkt in Hamburg, Germany


Heaps of spots in Melbourne, just walk around the CBD there’s a spot every block.