Post Your Newest Setups


Those wheels are definitely some of my faves. I’ve had different wheels and they just don’t compare. The wheels are grippy but not too grippy to where they aren’t rolling. They roll nice but don’t over roll to the point you’re thinking somebody sprayed WD-40 on them. I would like for the wheels to be a little bigger but all around great wheels.


Awesome, thanks - that description makes me excited to try them! I’m slowly reducing my wheel size preference too, so smaller is good.


Colorful stuffs


I setup the board on the left recently. Its a 33mm Berlinwood with Blackriver Trucks, FlatFace Z wheels, and Rip Tape.


Got the trucks yesterday. I wanted an all black setup. Maybe I should get black bushings?
-G15 with FBS
-Street shape FF wheels
-Black BRT


My new GeniusXSouthSoft came and it feels amazing!
GeniusXSouthSoft ruthless
Y x4s
Joycult Saturday’s XLs 60D
SouthSoft bushings


Nolliewheels deck I won back in 2013 with Nollie SmoothTape
Ytrucks Tex Black X3
Ytrucks yellow bushings
Random old locking nuts and screws.
Nolliewheels new smalls also won in 2013


Excuse the poor picture quality.

Homemade 90s Street Shape Deck
TDLB Trucks + Wheels
Clear grip


Latest setup, all new components. Genius deck, brr trucks, joycult wheels, southsoft bushings, dislocation pivots, perched on a Shen bench


34mm Yellowood deck
FBS Smooth tape
Ytrucks X5s white/chrome
Ywheels Y3 Dual bearing wheels


Does greasy make good board i got one in the mail and i hope they are good cant wait to try it but a got the ptoon :sweat_smile:



Epic deck bro, can’t wait for my bonks to arrive


CatfishBBQ x Friendship Freshwater 33mm
Dynamic Trucks
Joycult Classic 60D
Southsoft Bushings
Fbs Tape


Thanks man! Your Genius setup is dope as hell too. I’m loving the shape of this Bonk. I hope you get yours soon and be sure to post them here when you do!


Handpainted highfb
Super silvers
FlatFace street shape
Chemsfb tape (of course)
Thank you to the most wonderful girlfriend❤️


New catfish with motionwheels


Black and Yeller.
Dislocation pivots
Witchcraft busings
Joycult wheels
Dynamic rails
TNP tape
Baker sticker


Found a use for the black baseplates that came on the black and yeller setups trucks.

Halloween is only 215 days away. Lol
Must prepare… Lol @Lakewoodfb


Old cowply
Maybe Flatface brr ed (I don’t remember)