Post Your Newest Setups


So nice. Need one of those


ProLeisure Rising Sun split-ply


My Piratenholz of course
With some Blackriver trucks
South soft bushings
And oak wheels

josh from Piratenholz


Welcome to the forum!
Nice setup! :call_me_hand:t2::call_me_hand:t2::call_me_hand:t2:


Not new at all. Just put a new layer of lacquer on it a few days ago


is this a wooden Boardrail on your overcast-deck?
I am in love!


Your boards are so beautiful!


Berlinwood Wide
Dynamics (polished)
Flatface street wheels


Thanks bro, yeah it is, 4 plys of handmade goodness that ovrcst made.
If your keen on wooden boardrails I know fivelick makes them and has some in stock


You did a damn good job!!! Dynamics look so good polished! I polish every pair I get… unless I acid dye them black. Lol


thx a lot, for the information! but as soon as i saw it, i couldn’t resist making my own :sunglasses::hugs:


Flaked NWDC 30,5mm Deck
BRT’s 29mm + FBS Spacer
Oak RV2 white


It may be a bit excessive but I treated myself with a new setup today
5 Luck Deck, BRT’s, Dislocation Rails, Level Up Bushings, FlatFace Wheels, FBS tape.

And also a photo of the whole family (missing 1 in the image). Those are 1 DK deck with brts and pink oak wheels, dislocation rails and bushings, the 5 Luck deck, and a pop deck with brts, oaks, dislocation rails and bushings


I’m loving this setup. So solid and fun. And the little bling enlayed into the deck is pretty cool.


:heart_eyes: beauty! Such a classic graphic i used to have one, need that again in my life


Thanks! Blue camo is one of my all-time favorite graphics from Berlinwood. Luckily I bought this in 2013 and barely rode it.


Whoa, you killed it with the polishing! Gotta try that with mine now!



How about some oldschool shit?
Its an old instagram post from me.


left to right bw/brt/ff bw/brt/winklers