Post Your Newest Setups


  • Digit deck
  • 32 BRTs with single white brts bushings
  • Dirty Oak RV2V’s
    (+ don’t even know what grip i’m using atm)


Love the wood grain, great setup.



China base plates/td32mmhangars/chinawheels/wickedfb 36mm that I shredded too hard so I put a frog skateboards graphic on it


clean setup man


Just set this one up
Catfishbbq 34mm
Dynamic boardrails
Joycult XL’s

It’s a replica graphic but not sure which board :thinking:


BeastPants Rabid
Blackriver trucks
Oak wheels
Teak bubblebushings
Fbs on top

#49 deck
blackriver32mm trucks
og joycult wheels
cherrytape grip


new new / brts , FlatFace G4s, Steep Hill Fingerboards 34mm sharpied black for that beautiful wear :drooling_face::tired_face:


Left one is the newest, but I ride both regularly.
Idle Claws Shape.
34mm Y-trucks X-5’s (I think, Bought them second hand).
Oak x FF wheels.
Levelup Y-Beta Bushings.
Chems Tiger Kush Grip.

Idle Something shape.
32mm Y-trucks.
Oak Rv2’s.
Levelup Y-Beta’s.
Cleansheets grip.



Not my newest setup but its been my favorite for awhile :grin:
freshwater Catfishbbq
wide brts
light link oak RV2V’s (such good wheels but have to clean often to keep them looking nice)



Literally my first set up and only lol I’m hoping I can order something from broken knuckle this weekend and go from there :sweat_smile:


Gold brts
Flat face dual durometers


Berlinwood wide low
Ytrucks x1 29mm
Nocomply wheels
South soft bushings

Yellowood 31mm a-6
China trucks
Flatface g6d’s


Brt wides
dislocation pivots
boost bushigs
Oak Rv2


Here’s mine!
Bangerang Custom
YTrucks X5
Dislocation Boardrails
Oak Minis


the ytrucks and oak minis make it look like a real skateboard from the 90’s :wink:



Prete deck
BRT 29mm
Oak wheels (1 of them is v1 or v2, 3 of them are from a newer edition)