Post Your Newest Setups


Flint MVR1 (33.5mm)
Blackriver Trucks (32mm)
Oak Wheels RV2V
LevelUp Beta Bushings
Dislocation Pivot Cups
FBS Tape


My babies side by side!


Sick Party life Vs Death darkness going on with that pair.



Oak Minis



My newest board, gotta get some 29 mm trucks somehow


Unique “Primary Geometry” and script logo double graphic (prototype shape)
All black brts
Brr standard bushings no washer
Flatface G4s
Dynamic boardrail
Unique Total Domination tape

Unique “Script Logo” (prototype shape)
Level up beta busings
Oak RV2Vs
Roundside boardrails
Unique Total Domination tape

good to be back on a forum!!!


Here is my sblmnl. One of my favorites alongside my unique.


Current Setup:

Flint PS (33,5mm)
BRR Trucks (32mm)
Joycult Wheels Swirl
Southsoft Bushings
FBS Boardrails
FBS Tape

Selfmade hand drawn (32,5mm)
BRR Trucks (32mm)
Winkler Wheels
FBS Tape


BeastPants 33.5mm
Blackriver Trucks 32mm
Wysocki Wheels “Hawaiian Punch” S-W Shape
Riptape Tunings
FBS Tape


34.5mm Shred sled retro stacked graphic
Blackriver 2.0 32mm
Red level up bushings
Ff g4 red
White griptape

34mm Popsicle stacked one off graphic
Blackriver 2.0 32mm
Fbs o rings top bushings brr orange bottoms
Oak bowls white
My tape😎


Kinkalla Fb (33mm) / Dynamic’s / ww


On the left:
Genesis deck, joycult XLs, Brts, level up bottom bushing and O-ring top
On the right:
Ratply deck, oak RV2V’S, Dk boardrail, Brts with 1 stock bushing . Constantly switching up decks, I love all different shapes :slight_smile:


subliminal modern shape
flatface g7 wheel white
brts black plate
half regular brt bushings and half blue witchcraft


I just ordered a unique nesting, so hyped and can’t wait for it to come!


Just set up this new Berlinwood :slight_smile: One of my favorite shapes - Extra Wide
Also, I really like how the black brr trucks are wearing in. Didn’t expect them to look this good.


oh brudder so gud


+Catfishbbq 34mm Freshwater mold Artshow graphic deck
+32mm BRTs
+Oak Minis
+Catfishbbq FishFur Griptape


Prete 6010 32.5mm
BRT with Southsoft


My setup!


Ghetto grip (if you know me you know my grip is always shitty)
Bonk board
Td Trucks
China wheels
Simple but i love it