Post Your Newest Setups


Unique 34mm Juvie
Dynamic 34mm
Joycult 60D Classic
Southsoft Bushings
G-Sheets Tape


They’re amazing. They are a soft plastic so they have grip like urethane while being ultra smooth and perfectly round. The bearings are super smooth as well. Picked up two pairs and I’m really glad I did!! I like em more than my oaks, Winklers, and flatfaces.


My newest ride.

Kamelpro Fingerboards Amble shape 36.5mm
Blackriver Trucks 34mm
FBS yTruck Spacers
Tech Deck Bushings
Winkler Big Daddy Z


ART deck, new Yellowood wheels, ywtrucks, South soft bushings


ART x Systeam deck, FF Jay wheels, yw trucks 32mm


Damn, that looks nice bro


Current set-up:
DK deck and boardrails
Y-trucks with level up bushings
FF dual durometers
FBS tape


all black!
selfmade deck 35mm
brts 34mm with spacers and oak bowls ( over 35mm wide!!! )
black brt tuning
dislocation boardrails
fbs silver locknuts
black tech deck screws


Berlin Wood bamboo x-wide
34 mm Brts
FF Dual Duros
BW engraved Riptape
Beta Bushings


A proper murdered out ride! Massive props for it! Looks dope!


So, had an urge to switch up the tape to Riptape from FBS. Needs wearing in, but I think I did a better job this time! Also added a half Blackriver sticker to liven the look up.

• Berlinwood Classic
• Flatface Street Shapes
• Riptape
• Dump Trucks w/ Flatface Team bushings


All my current setups


My custom V6 Board Kennel


  • Goo 33mm popsicle

  • Soldierbar Wheels

  • Bug Tuning

  • TDLB Trucks

  • Mob Grip