Post Your Newest Setups


That Northwood’s is clean!


Top setup is:
Beast pants domesticated 33
Ff duros

Redemption MMC 30
29 brts
Winkler classics that are just amazingly worn


That Beast Pants looks good man!


I tend to go back to my 34mm P-Rep. I like the feel of a heavier board.


awesome :slight_smile:


BEWARE Color Deck
BRTs w/ TKY Bushings
Oak RV2 White
FBS Extrasmooth Tape


New Poli P3 shape. I have every shape deck that Poli made in the P1, and even have a few pre-P1 Bondo mold decks. I was also the first person to have a P2 deck, about 5 months before they were released… a gift from him to me as a prototype. Happened to be a split too. And after all those Polis… I can honestly say, the P3 finally nailed it. Definitely THE best shape he makes! :slight_smile:

Poli P3 (top and bottom graphic)
TNP Tape
Ytruck X5s
Witchcraft bushings
Joycult XLs