Post Your Newest Setups


=O looks amazing!


Thats soo nice, gonna be shredded by halloween
What wheels are they?


I want the cowply on the far left, I’ve got tons to trade and i can buy, lmk.


I want that cowply sooo bad, I’ll trade or buy it?


They are @joycult wheels :slight_smile:


Joycult Classics 70d
Black Velvet

Couldn’t tell you the last time I had a completely new setup, feel so good :heart_eyes:




Lowpro Deck
Wide TD’s (shaped poorly)
Flatface G7 Brandon Robert Wheels
Homemade Bushes

Have been using this setup since 2012 and gets lacquered whenever it begins to look a little sad.


Sweet setup bro


Got this blem Ravisauce for free for buying a shirt

Blackriver trucks, joycult classic 70d, teak tuning



FlatFace , BRT, Oak Wheels

Bawse, YTrucks, Oak Wheels

NPRCrete obstacle


Genius board, brts, Joycults, Dislocation board rails


Colour match on point bro


Finally got these dudes ALMOST set up the way I want them. All I need now are white joycults… because I don’t like plastic wheels anymore. Lol

Gold BRTs X 2
TNP Tape X 2
Joycult Black Cats
Flatface white


ytrucks x5
dislocation board rails
selfmade deck
( leaning against a maiden diy pyramid )


selfmade cruiser board
modded tech deck penny board wheels with two bearings in each wheel
diy board rails and tailpiece
fbuk trucks



You’re a lucky man!


Here to confirm the new size of tech decks and trucks!!! Fun to see the progression - I remember when I bought one when they first released. The shape is way better and the trucks are wide as well.