Post Your Newest Setups


I’ve ridden this setup called Mandarine 8 Bumblebee for 180 days


This is seriously a dream setup for me. :slight_smile:

Fiveluck 34.5mm wu mold
34mm brts
DK wheels
Level up betas
Ace3 tape


How are you liking the DK wheels? What do they feel like?


Unique 34mm Juvie
Dynamic 34mm
Joycult 60D Classic
Southsoft Bushings
G-Sheets Tape


They’re amazing. They are a soft plastic so they have grip like urethane while being ultra smooth and perfectly round. The bearings are super smooth as well. Picked up two pairs and I’m really glad I did!! I like em more than my oaks, Winklers, and flatfaces.


My newest ride.

Kamelpro Fingerboards Amble shape 36.5mm
Blackriver Trucks 34mm
FBS yTruck Spacers
Tech Deck Bushings
Winkler Big Daddy Z


ART deck, new Yellowood wheels, ywtrucks, South soft bushings


ART x Systeam deck, FF Jay wheels, yw trucks 32mm


Damn, that looks nice bro


Current set-up:
DK deck and boardrails
Y-trucks with level up bushings
FF dual durometers
FBS tape


all black!
selfmade deck 35mm
brts 34mm with spacers and oak bowls ( over 35mm wide!!! )
black brt tuning
dislocation boardrails
fbs silver locknuts
black tech deck screws


Berlin Wood bamboo x-wide
34 mm Brts
FF Dual Duros
BW engraved Riptape
Beta Bushings


A proper murdered out ride! Massive props for it! Looks dope!


So, had an urge to switch up the tape to Riptape from FBS. Needs wearing in, but I think I did a better job this time! Also added a half Blackriver sticker to liven the look up.

• Berlinwood Classic
• Flatface Street Shapes
• Riptape
• Dump Trucks w/ Flatface Team bushings


All my current setups


My custom V6 Board Kennel


  • Goo 33mm popsicle

  • Soldierbar Wheels

  • Bug Tuning

  • TDLB Trucks

  • Mob Grip


Flint old school shape with some Oak bowls and BRTs


One of the most solid setups I’ve built recently.

Wush Vandal WU02 Deck
Dynamic 34mm Trucks
Blackriver White Tuning
FlatFace x Oak Dual Durometer Wheels
FBS Foam Tape
Idle Good Tape - Classic White Accent