Post Your Newest Setups


I love how the wheels match the plies


Latest setup!
Beastpants deck 33.5 Rabid shape
FBS smooth tape
Joycult full graphic classics 60D skyrock
BRT 32mm Black/Black
Waxgang silver locknuts
Levelupfingerboards bushings


Beastpants (a gift from @rezfb) 29mm BRTs and some duros


Five Luck Wu Mold - My Pro Model
Dynamic 32mm
Level Up Beta Bushings
Joycult Classics Full Graphic


34.5mm Cruiser shape Kamelpro fingerboards
33.5mm Dynamic trucks
MapleFB wheels


38mm Kamelpro Fingerboards
34mm 2kr trucks (with FBS spacers)
Oaks RV2V


How do you like the maple wheels? Haven’t tried them yet…

Got a set of 2kr trucks in a trade but must say I am not a fan


It’s more of a first impression than anything, since I’ve owned them for a day so far.

The wheels are pretty smooth, rolls pretty good. I found them to be a bit noisy, compared to Oaks RV2V. The material is special. It has a slight grip on some surfaces and it would be slick on others. They probably feel more like plastic wheels. However, I have to admit that I’ve never had FF wheels or Winkler wheels. So as far as good plastic wheels go, I am completely clueless.


Same, haven’t tried the plastic style wheels either so no input to give. Typically ride joys for the most part


Catfishbbq now has 32 mm decks. I generally only use 32 mm decks, so i am pretty excited. I snagged one a week or so ago, set it up with some black velvet tape, dynamics, joycults, and of course beta bushings. :slight_smile:


It’s a few years old but still one of my most used setups.

Board Kennel 32mm
FBS Extra Smooth
Original Blackriver Trucks
Winkler BRT Edition Wheels.


Been rocking this Boulala complete I got off of amazon.

The trucks that came with it were funky, so I switched to some contemporary TD trucks and now it rocks. The round wheels feel nice, one of the main reasons I got it. Got it for an outside ripper but it is good all around.

Also after like a decade, I found the original Ghetto Child wheels that came with the Shorty’s DigiDecks on eBay. I was able to set my Nacho Man up again more complete and am pretty happy :grin:


Just got his one today. 34mm Unique, 34mm Brts, Oak RV2s, Dislocation rails, Level up beta bushings



My first Cowply, finally set her up


Such a Beauty :heart_eyes:


Custom 5Luck 34x94
Brr Trucks 32mm
Dislocation bushings
Joycult XL
Dislocation boardrails


Those joycults remind me of FF g2’s so much, funny to see the squared shape loop around again.

I took one of my old sponsor decks, resanded the tails and I’m in love again. Seriously, if you can get your hands on one, do it. I heard Jader took a break making decks, but man that square concave just feels unlike anything…

Evolve Mellow (circa 2014)
China tape
FF g7 somethings
new TD trucks & tuning


iLoaf Evo End Game Shape
Aliw Fingerboarding A7 wheels
Nice Swirl bushings


Been away from fb from a couple years but got back into it recently due to not being able to skate in the MN winter. :slight_smile: sold some old stuff to get two new setups.

DK 34.5mm New Mold street shape
34mm dynamics (polished) with ytruck ed. Witchcrafts
FF x Cowply brr ed. Wheels

Opal FB 33mm
Brts with Witchcraft bushings
Winkler wheels
Ace3 tape on both (RIP) only have one sheet left now -_-
LOVING the DK though holyyyy. Pre-ordered two sets of DK wheels to go with these too so really hyped to try those.


Flint deck with brts and oak wheels :ok_hand::wine_glass: