Post Your Newest Setups


My first set of XLs




A Woob?
You Rich?


You just gonna spam this thread with consecutive sick setups? haha


Lol I got it for free bro. As a general rule, I’ll never buy a deck for more than its original sale price :man_shrugging:


Lol sorry bro, I hadn’t been on ffi in a bit so thought I would share :blush:


Still one of my Fav Setups. :slight_smile:


absolute deck, dynamic trucks, level up bushings, joycult lites, and black velvet tape



Here’s a setup I made and filmed a setup video for! Link to the video:


Homemade deck
dynamic trucks
level up beta bushings
flatface g4x
fbs tape


Dang, that looks fierce! Nice job, man!


My newest setup, just finished getting parts in today!

Cowply deck
FBS smooth tape / Chems tape combo
32mm Black/Black BRTs
Oak RV2V wheels
Level up bushings
Cupcake pivots


Wush/Yawn, BRTs, Joycult OG,


My current set up :sunny:

Kalye x Mackenzie Fingerboards collab deck (33mm x 97mm)
Molk St. Wheels + locknuts
Tech Deck longboard trucks
Nice Bushings
FBS Extra Smooth


Are those board rails made from zip ties?


Yup haha just cut them clean and use good double sided tape and you all good


Lambda deck
BRT yellow base
Cartwheels single bearing cartcores
FBS smooth tape


I love how the wheels match the plies


Latest setup!
Beastpants deck 33.5 Rabid shape
FBS smooth tape
Joycult full graphic classics 60D skyrock
BRT 32mm Black/Black
Waxgang silver locknuts
Levelupfingerboards bushings