Post Your Newest Setups


Y trucks New yellow 4,Oak Wheels RV2 Banana,handmade board 32 mm and my own design


Those holes though, lolol.


you should try these spacers…


beastpants feral, prete 6010, cruiserjoy


Yup haha don’t care too much about them, the finito setup is what is all about in my opinion for now!!


Dude and the trucks look awesome and the board shapes are awesome but I ride my homemade one, for now, waiting for the new deck to arrive in couple weeks, then !!


amazing setups mate!


Latest custom from wush, really enjoying this deck


Chemsfb mid-pro carbon fiber… new BRT 2.0s and pink oak bowls, too


that muska knockoff is tooooo clean!




holy matcharoni :ok_hand:



Some new Prete6010 from the man himself (thanks again Peter)


bw 33mm
6 years old brr 32s
ff brr ed


That is fb porn! haha Seriously tho, Prete is on my top 3 list of boards to try next.


Totally on my wish list, such a beauty :drooling_face:


Flatface G15
FBS XSmooth
Tech Deck 32mm Hangars x Dump Truck Baseplates
Flatface Dual Durometer Red and Black

My main Setup right now :slight_smile:


I set this one up about a month or so ago, but I barely use it and just built it for fun!

FingerBoard Connoisseur “Earth” Series - Fire Deck
2KR 32mm PRO - RAW Trucks
FingerBoard Connoisseur Tuning
Oak RV2V Wheels
CHape Tape


wow, those Pretes are beautiful…