Post Your Newest Setups



Some dope setups on the last page


Ya know, I kinda fell into testing the prototypes out. Now they’re the only wheels I use! I have 2 sets and can tell you when he does finally release, you’ll be pleased and know it was worth the wait.


Thank you! Los Angeles Fingerboards dude. Absolutely top notch slicing. I wouldn’t order a split from anyone else.


The Yawn and Flint are amazing! Holy smokes.


Thanks bro :black_heart::facepunch::beers:


BeastPants // Rabid
Oak Wheels // RV2
Blackriver Trucks // 32mm
Teak Tuning


Joining @StillSourDiesel with the acid drops. Been wanting a set for a while, and I absolutely love them!


New idle setup


Cool stuff! That BP is extra clean.





FBC Black Velvet
Catfishbbq Red artshow
Lakewood boardrails
Dynamic trucks
Wysocki wheels (+1 random china wheel)


Made this as a farewell gift for my teacher.

Homemade 32 mm
TDLB trucks + wheels
Homemade Tuning
Creamy goo tape


That Northwood’s is clean!


Top setup is:
Beast pants domesticated 33
Ff duros

Redemption MMC 30
29 brts
Winkler classics that are just amazingly worn


That Beast Pants looks good man!


I tend to go back to my 34mm P-Rep. I like the feel of a heavier board.


awesome :slight_smile:


BEWARE Color Deck
BRTs w/ TKY Bushings
Oak RV2 White
FBS Extrasmooth Tape