Post Your Newest Setups


Hey all!

Here’s the thread where you can post your Newest Setups.

To start things off… here is mine!

Berlinwood 33mm Low
Flatface Swirls Wheels
Blackriver 1.0 Trucks


Greasy G3 Benh Dulac Promodel 89mmx33mm
China Trucks/DumpTrucks 29mm + Locknuts
Flatface Swirls
Teak Tuning O-Ringz

EDIT : RIP. Got stolen at La Fingersesh Extreme Event.


That graphic is so sick! Love the Flatface Swirls too :scream:


Wow, looks exactly like the South Park version of you!! You shred man.


Here is my current setup , Tonicwood 32.5 mm w/ Flatface Street Shapes and Black Blackriver Trucks :slight_smile: Love this setup! Such a solid board. Waiting on a few new ones’ in the mail :grin:


here’s my newest setup! Onfo + Gold Base BRTs + G4s + Level Up Beta Bushings


Love how much pop the Tonicwood has! Do you like the FF Street Shape?


Love the G4’s! Memory lane :smiley:


I got my best memories from Red bottom ply decks !


Gotta keep an eye on that Onfo Company !


Oh yeah, Street Shapes are my favorite wheels at the moment. Love the size of them, they seem to grip surfaces better than original Flatface wheels


Watch out for Onfo! Brandon is doing big things. Street shapes are amazing, there’s just something amazingly smooth about em!


Looks so good! Reminds me of the old Prete decks tbh but still awesome!


I’ve been shredding this one for the past few months.
Its a DK-Deck (new mold and shape), BRT’s, Pink Oak Wheels, Dislocation rails and bushings.


Lakewood Deck
Brt’s 32mm white hangers
Flatface swirls Fire and Ice wheels
Lakewood Engraved tape


Not exactly new but its the one im using right now.
Evolve 33mm


Just set this one up (:
Flint Ltd. Photo series
Blackriver trucks
Oak wheels rv2


Berlinwood 32mm wide low
Wide Blackriver Trucks with Beta Bushings
Joycult Lites
FBS Tape



Wow man! Awesome setup !